Do It Yourself

Here at Replay we carry all of the necessary components to build your very own PC. Whether it is your first, or your 100th PC Build, Replay has all the parts to make it happen. We have a large selection of CPUs, RAM, HDDs, Motherboards, Disk Drives, Cables, Graphics Cards, and much more.

Our knowledgeable staff can even help find which part is the one you need for your computer. So the next time you’re thinking of building a new machine, or even upgrading your current pc, think Replay Renewed Electronics.

Replay has an ever changing selection of empty computer cases primed and ready for your next computer build.
We test all of our boards thouroughly to ensure you start your project off right.
Our store features a wide selection of computer memory at competitive prices.
Hard Drives
From internal 2.5" and 3.5" drives to external and SATA storage solutions.
Video Cards
Wether you are looking for something simple or a powerful gaming GPU, stop by to see our selection.
PCI Cards
From USB hubs, firewire connections, wifi and wlan cards, Replay has a great selection of PCI & PCI-E add-on cards.
Cooling Fans
We have a great selection of fans in all shapes and sizes. From 60mm to 140mm Replay can help you keep your cool.