Replay Renewed Electronics fully tests items for sale and stands by the quality of each item. If you have an issue with a tested piece of equipment including, but not limited to, AV, TVs, monitors, desktop computers, laptops, phones and tablets, we ask that you bring the device back to our store location within 30 days.

A member of our staff will check the device to ensure the return is not caused by user error outside our control. If it is determined that the device is malfunctioning, the member of our staff will approve the return/exchange. We have a 30-day exchange policy only.

User error, damages outside of our control, user dissatisfaction, and/or buyer’s remorse is not covered under our return policy.

Special Exception: Motherboards
Motherboards are sold AS-IS. Due to the extremely delicate nature of motherboards, we are unable to offer returns. Our motherboards have been tested and are fully functional, however, mishandling upon receipt can cause them to malfunction. All sales are final.

Special Exception: Servers
Servers are sold mostly AS-IS, however they are returnable for “Dead on Arrival” condition. We test our servers to ensure the following:
• Boot to bios
• No presence of Bios-Lock or Managed Systems
• Detection of installed hardware
• Bios is reset

Should a server fail one of these checks, we will accept the server within 30 days of sale for return as “Dead on Arrival” condition.

Special Exception: Warehouse Purchases
In select situations, purchasing items directly from the warehouse is possible. In these instances, the items will be marked on the receipt with “Warehouse Item”and will NOT be eligible for return under any condition. All sales are final.

If you have any questions, contact us. We are here to assist you in whatever way possible.